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(Full evaluations available upon request) 
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'Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness' document)    

"The TA's material followed the lecture material very closely and went over topics that would show up on the hardest questions on the homework so that was really helpful"

"TA Sanyal provided examples in STATA, which helped to do the homework assignments. His explanations allow me to further understand the concepts."

"TA really helps me to practice the stata command and prepare for the homework."

"Strongest points consisted of covering material alongside questions for us in videos posted on canvas."

"He explains concept and problems carefully and usefull"

"He knows about the topics and contexts he want us to understand"

"Avik made sure to go over the major topics that were taught in class so that we can understand it better. The discussion was more like a recap of everything which helped me remember better.."

"He was very enthusiastic and fun to listen to! He was very concise in teaching the material
and made everything easy to understand. A fantastic TA"

"His notes were very organized and examples were comprehensive, they really helps me to understand materials that I wasnt able to fully understand before. I also like his teaching styles& sense of humor"

"I believe that the TA did an excellent job in breaking down the course material in a way that is easier to understand. I often had trouble understanding certain concepts, but their explanations helped me a lot."

"The TA went over relevant practice problems even when no one had any questions to ask, and sometimes introduced new, upcoming topics. He also used many different examples to explain the concepts. He always made plenty of time for questions."

"They engage with the students and always prompt them to ask questions. They definitely have a grasp on the subject that are teaching and they can convey the information to us in a very strong manner."

The strongest points of the TA in discussion section was that he went over the
material more concisely and added upon what was said in the lectures and went
over good tips on how to prepare for the tests to be assigned in lecture.

"While COVID made discussion sections a remote experience rather than a live
interaction, the videos provided by this TA were quite useful. It was obvious that
this TA possessed a strong understanding of the course material, and was able to
impart that understanding to the students in turn"

"The ta was able to not only lecture us in the discussion, but also visually create
graphs to show what would happen. He also had small discussion quizzes that I
enjoyed as they helped me make sure that I was understanding what I was

  • ECON 129: ECON of Data Analysis (Spring 2022). 


  • ECON 122A : Applied Econometrics 1
     2022, 2021)


  •  ECON 20B: Basic Economics II (Winter 2020)


  • ECON 20A: Basic Economics I
    (Fall 2020, 2021)


    ECON 13: Global Economy

  • (Spring 2019, 2021, Fall 2019)

  • ECON 100C: International Economics 111

  • (Spring 2020) 



  • ECON 100B: International Economics II.
    (Winter 2019)



  • ECON 1: Intro to Economics
    (Fall 2018)

    ECON 100A : International Economics I

  • (Summer 2021)

  • ECON 100A : International Economics I(Summer 2021)


  • ECON 122B: Applied Econometrics I
    (Summer 2019, 2020)

"He knows his stuff and can simplify it in a way we can understand"

"Clear presentations and explanations on the material discussed in lecture. Very
useful for truly understanding the concepts."

"He had good command of concepts and could explain the same clearly."

"He knew the stuff, he can express material in oral way just like chat with us. Best professor with best TA I have in this school."

"TA Avik was very good at going over confusing aspects of course material"

"I definitely liked how you carried the class before the midterm. You summarised everything we needed to know well that it helped get a 100% in the midterm"

"Explains confusing concepts better than the textbook and goes over the necessary
things for students to do better on tests."

"Clear review"

"During the discussion sections, the T.A. was very enthusiastic while teaching and
made learning enjoyable"

"The TA can explain concepts very well and helped me understand problems from
practice midterms and homework.

"The TA had a strong understanding of the material and tries to help us understand
the problems.

"Genuinely wants to teach students, helps a lot with unclear topics. The professor
follows the textbook only, so it was nice to have some extra help on the homework.

"The TA provided powerpoints for the students and explained the concepts very well. He made sure to check for questions or concerns from the students."

"He was very responsive and knowledgable about the subject"

"good and concise powerpoints"

(Click here for 'Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness')    
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